Connect your club to England Hockey

  • ClubBuzz and England Hockey, as part of the ‘Approved Provider’ scheme for Club Management Systems, have been working to make it easier than ever for clubs to share important statistics, such as membership figures, with England Hockey. It’s hoped that by giving England Hockey such a rich insight into hockey in England, they can make their support even better for clubs.

    What happens if we sign up?

    If you sign up, we’ll start to share administrative information and insights about your club with England Hockey.
    If you sign up, the following information will be shared with England Hockey:
    • Members – this will include a list of anonymised members, club committee members, umpires and coaches. Individual members can opt to share their ‘Personally Identifiable Information’ with England Hockey, but by default, this information is kept anonymous to England Hockey.
    • Teams – we’d share details about the number of teams in your club, their fixtures dates, times, and any other details stored in ClubBuzz related to that fixture.
    • Venues – we’d share details about your club’s venues, such as its name and location.
    • Communication from England Hockey – members would be invited to opt-in to receive communications from their league, or any marketing emails from England Hockey. You have the right to opt-in, or opt-out at any time.

    You have the right to opt-out of the integration with England Hockey at any time.

    If you choose to opt-in, we’ll email all of your members and ask them if they want to share their information with England Hockey. Opting in is not compulsory.